Photograph Album

The Photograph Album

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 Dave and Eric                          Mary and Ian            Reunion Walkers


  Dave George and BrianSharron Jan & Moose     
Reunion members visit to Barford Camp Honour guard at Néry 1966
Ian and Alan at Néry       Néry Day in Malaya
Néry Battery visit to Néry      Néry Gun OCA at Néry Cemetery                     Bing and Joe at Néry
Tom Barker gets the Bradbury Cup c1963  Malayan Veterans
Jim Ron and Ted - Cyprus 1963                       Nery Day early 60's Roman Way Camp Colchester
Greg and Taff                            Eric Walker and Robin Potter
Néry Football Team c1966    Néry Battery visit to Néry
   Andy Ozzie Robbie George Brian 2nd Reunion            Robbie Ross - Tom Jackson - Andy Munn - Paddy Verdon - Ted Davies at Néry village cemetery
OCA at Néry    Parading the flags   Visit to Nery
L(Néry) Battery Italy May 1945 donated by Martin Smith whose father is in the photo                        L/Bdr Ernest Christopher Smith L(Néry) Battery 1945      
            Brian and Shirley Savage            Moose & friend           Pete Andy George Robbie at Néry
Les W, Spud, Dave, Les A     Willie Curran and friends - Malaya    
Action at Néry                             Dedication to L Battery Fallen at Néry  
Graves at Néry                       Officers Grave at Néry  
No1 Bob Potter ? ?           No2  Abbot and ? ?
No3  Frank Murray + ?       No4 Kieth Maiden -John Atkinson - Les Swinburne - ?
No5  ? Joe Harkins               No6 Dennis Stanfield
No7 Néry Day Old Comrades - Bazil Cambridge, Ian Mackie, Tony Bridgeman, ?,?,?,?,?, Fred Beard,?      Néry Gun at Colchester with Néry veterans
No8 Leyland guntractor ? ?                 No9  ?,  ?, ?, ? Somewhere in Malaya
No10 Alf Cossins, ?, Arthur Hood?, ?, ?, ?            No11 Dixie Deans and Bob Potter
                                                No12 Officers and SNCOs at Barford Camp c1969/70
 No13 ? Brian Joplin, Tony? Burke, Joe Harkins, ?, ?.           No14 Chieftain ?,  ?,  Captain Dawson, Paul Reynard
 No14 Roger Glover< Robbie Ross, George Foster, Brian Fisher       No15 Brian Margison and Fred Beard
 No16 ?, Ken English, ?.         No17 Andy Munn,Tony Bridge, Brian Fisher, ?, Ron Hewitt, Jim White.
No18 Frank Stanfield, ?, Dennis Rylatt, Dennis Monahgan, ?, ?, ?.       No19 George Foster, Mick Owles, Robbie Ross, Brian Margison, Jock Mellor.
 No20 ?, Brian Fisher, ?, ?, ?, ?.      No21 ?, ?, ?, ?, Brian Fisher again,  ?, ?.
                                 N022 Brian Fisher and Pete Hastings (By you've got a big gun)
No 23 and Brian Fisher        No 24 Tony? Cross, Eddie Lee?, Bazil Cambridge, Capt Wright, Frank Murray, Bob Parham, Ron Heslop. - At the front ?, Ray White, Capt Nick Hall.   
No26 Help with this possibly Bob Parham at rear           No27 ?, Ken Bruton, Charlie Powney, Josie Powney,?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ray White, Brian Fisher, Brian Sinnett.
Donald Hawes with flag at the 2010 reunion      Brian Saveage being helped over fence 2010
2010 walkers ready for the off      Eagles Corner2010
George White Pete and Margaret 2010         Graham Morris 2010
Dave and Les 2010        Phil Driscoll with Pauline 2010
The Late Taffy George and Annette    
Visit to Néry 1974                                                        Leading into the Néry communal cemetery 1974  
Visit to Néry 1974                                     Visit to Néry 1974
Visit to Néry 1974                Visit to Néry 1974
N&eacute;ry visit2012/1          N&eacute;ry visit2012/2
                                           Ian Mackie with the BSM and Captain Lucy Mason                                                                                        Ian Mackie and George Foster at the Thiepval Monument
N&eacute;ry visit2012/3       Reunion at Barnard Castle
               The Battery flag and Royal British Legion Standards at the village cemetery - Néry                               Old Comrades at Barnard |Castle 1969/70