1st September 2014



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Néry 2014





On this  video L Battery is featured from the 22 minute point till the end. 



The comemoration stone and headstones for "Those who Fell" at Néry

Battery Flag with Royal British Legion Standards






2015 - cemetery parade 


1st September 2014 Parade at village cemetery 







Bradbury Dorrell & Nelson cropped

Captain E K Bradbury

         Serjeant D Nelson                                  Battery Serjeant Major G T Dorrell




The Three VCs





 Néry Gun 2014

 In the misty dawn - 1st September 2014




2014 Gun firing


2014 Replica Néry Gun firing on the 1914 Gun Position 



Néry Gun

The Néry Gun


2015 old comrades

Old Comrades at Néry 




2015 - display Cartridge


The Presentation Piece from The Old Comrades of L(Néry) Battery to the village of Néry


2015 - display close up


 Engraving of Presentation Piece



 2014 Kings Troop 6

Kings Troop



Kings Troop on Gun Position

 Kings Troop on the 1914 Gun Position in Néry



2014 guard of honour


Guard of Honour at Néry 2014 


2014 ghurka band


The Ghurka Band at Néry 2014 




Commemoration Stone

The Commemoration Stone following the 2014 wreath laying ceremony 




Bradbury Monument 2014

The monument to Capt EK Bradbury VC RHA, Lt JD Campbell RHA and Maj JS Cawley 20th Hussars - 2014



2015 - French Cavalry

French Cavalry at Néry 2014 


2015 - The French Monument Néry Cemetery

The French Monument in the village cemetery - Néry 




2015 - French Moroccan guard

French Morrocan Contingent




Nelson Headstone

The headstone for Major David Nelson VC RHA - KIA at Lillers on 8th April 1918


Néry Deployment new


Sketch showing the deployment of 1st Cavalry Brigade on September 1st 1914