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(May 27, 2007)
Sadly over the past year or two we have lost some of our number and it would be appropriate to mention them on the news page. The reason stems from feedback and the need to let all members know of their passing. It may also be appropriate to pay our own tribute, a sort of last post, to honour their memories.  This can only be done with a sensitive attitude and effective communication about such matters. It may also be offensive to family and relatives. Bearing the aforesaid in mind if there are any objections to this type of "news" please inform me and I will delete the offending information or item if necessary. Amongst those who have passed on recently are:-
Al Parkinson - Former and popular BSM of Néry battery - until his passing had made the journey with wife Joan from their home in South Australia every two years for the reunion. On his last visit in 2004 we helped celebrate an early 80th birthday with him.
Ted Davies - Ted passed away in 2006 after a long illness. A regular with wife Bernadette at our reunions, Ted's thing about reunions was "I'll still be there if there are only three of us" He also went the extra mile by "making" his raffle gift, usually a gift with a Néry theme.
Pete Reddington - Pete was Eagles through and through always ready with a joke and always, until his death in 2006, a regular at our reunions. Well remembered for his prowess on the football field in his younger days.
Dave Powney - Dave served with Néry Battery and until a few years ago was a regular at our reunions. After a short illness with cancer Dave passed away in 2007 leaving wife Eddy and the children.
Alan Watson Alan was ex RAF and proud of it. He was our only informal honorary member and had attended our reunions for a number of years with Ian and Mary Mackie. He had also accommpanied the OCA to Néry in France and marched through the village with us.
Pat Hamilton Sadly on Sunday 27 May 2007 Pat, brother of Dave, died in his sleep. Pat had been very ill for some time with many trips to hospital. He was in 2nd Fd /Eagles, in the 1970's, amongst others and it is well known to many OCA members. If you wish you can contact Dave at [email protected]  Please pass on to any other members you may be in touch with. Service details to follow.
Les Swinburne Sadly on or about 1st December 2007 Les lost his battle with his illness and passed away. Les had been ill for some time and he and Carol had moved from the Kettering area to West Yorkshire near to the family. He was a popular member of Néry battery and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 
Ken English  Many will remember Ken, a jolly mancunian who spent a long time with Néry. Regretfully Ken lost his battle with a long illness on 10th February this year. Our thoughts go out to Judy and the family.
Robert "Taffy" George
Taff was one of the characters of the battery in the early sixties with a great sense of humour. We have kept in touch since that time through the phone and e-mails and on the 3rd march 2008 I had an e-mail at 1058, the normal Taffy George humour, the next message was from his wife Annette on the evening of the 3rd letting me know that he had died, in hospital, of a heart attack. Our thoughts go out to Annette and the family.
Robert hadnt managed to get to the reunion at Barnard Castle but had been to the Reimental at Colchester on a number of occasions. He had always kept in touch with his Néry colleagues, even as far away as Barbados and Ozzie Osbourne. Sadly missed

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