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(May 14, 2007)

The Eagle is Ready!


After a frantic summer period getting ready, N Battery (The Eagle Troop) has been declared operational effective after a flag raising ceremony on the 1 September.  The past few months have been spent preparing the Battery Offices, driver training, preparing vehicles and dealing with the constant stream of administration that comes from starting a Battery from the ground up.


It has not all been easy sailing with the last of the vehicles turning up just a week before the Battery deploys on its first exercise!  Exercise Ulan Barbara is a Div level live firing exercise held in Poland.  As the formation recce tac gp is likely to operate a significant way forward (up to 70kms) of the main combat element, The battery needs to be prepared to call for other forms of offensive support.   Consequently the Battery has been practicing calling in Air, Aviation and MLRS.  The Battery is going to operate on the CRAs Command Net so brushing up on fire discipline has also been high on everyones agenda!


The Battery has drawn its manpower from across the Regiment so there are a number of familiar faces now serving with the Eagles.  They are:


Maj Harrison             

Bdr Chapple

Gnr Ireland

Capt Stickley

Bdr Moore

Gnr Calow

Capt O’Halloran

LBdr Ratcliffe

Gnr DeMuschamp

WO2 Hilton

LBdr Snowball

Gnr Giles

Sgt Kitchner

LBdr Willams

Gnr Grey


LBdr Turnball



Life is going to continue to be busy for the Eagles over the coming months.  On return from Poland, the Battery deploys straight onto Ex Shelldrake Sword before re-rolling to CVRT – bring on more driver training. 

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