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(May 14, 2007)

N Battery (The Eagle Troop) Royal Horse Artillery.



The Eagle Troop have managed to keep them selves particularly busy since being declared operationally effective on the 1 Sept 2006. 


The Eagles were thrown straight into the deep end only four weeks after forming up with a Divisional Offensive Support Group (OSG) exercise in Poland.  It saw the Battery integrating AS90, live MLRS and live air into a manoeuvre battle. At times the Battery was using the CRAs net to call in OS on the enemy so the fire discipline had to be good!  The exercise proved to be a valuable “shake out” for the Battery and proved to be invaluable for team cohesion and establishing the new sub-unit identity. 


As soon as the Battery returned from Poland, a quick repack of vehicles was conducted and they rolled out onto Ex SHELDRAKE SWORD and joined the rest of the Regiment who had already deployed.  The regimental exercise saw the detachments training in the first week, sub-units in the second and the third saw confirmation of CT Level 1 and 2 culminating in BCs fireplanning. 


Our role with Formation Recce means that the much larger Warrior has to be traded in for the considerably smaller CVRT.  Consequently there was little rest for the Eagles on return from exercise as we handed back our Warrior OPVs and took over a fleet of CVRT Spartans.  Having almost completed our conversion programme, all we need to do is try and work out how we squeeze all our kit into the CVRT for exercise!


In all, the Eagle Troop has hit the ground running and looks forward to the forthcoming exercise period, where they will work closely with their supported arm – 9/12 Lancers, including a BATUS season as OPFOR and a possible OP tour, to either Afghanistan or Iraq.

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