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Paddy Verdon

(March 03, 2012)

This is a belated entry as I sent this message by email to most.

 Paddy rang yesterday with the sad news that he has been diagnosed with inoperable stomach cancer and although the medics have ruled out surgery he will shortly start a course of chemotherapy to contain the cancer. He sounded very upbeat about it and even considered opening a diary called "Finding Chemo" but I think that was a joke. Many of us have had to deal with cancer either directly or experienced the effects as a relative or friend/colleague and will therefore know the effects.
As many of you will know Paddy was Néry battery clerk in the late 50's and early 60's in Malaya and Colchester under BSM's Charlie Stamford, Al Parkinson and Ken Bruton amongst others. After leaving the battery Paddy rose through the ranks to gain Major in a number of appointments and as a retired officer held the grand title of -
The Axe Keeper in Her Majesty’s Body Guard of The Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms  before retiring completely a couple of years ago.

Paddy has always been a great supporter of the OCA and been a help to me on a number of OCA matters. We wish him well in dealing with this.

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