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From L(Néry) Battery RHA - Battery Commander

(September 16, 2010)

Dear George,


I have just taken over as the new BC L Bty and saw your email in my Inbox – I am not sure if Gareth replied.


I realise it may be too late but I thought I would send you our latest update via a couple of articles we had made up recently – the docs are large so it may take two emails.


In terms of FOE everything is still TBC however we have a month of Ex this Oct, in the light role, before immediately switching to re-rolling into armour (Warrior) for a big Ex in Canada next year. This will mark the beginning of our next period of pre-deployment trg prior to going back to Afghan at the back end of 2012. That said, the result of the Def Review and other factors could change everything.


Bty are all well and had a good summer leave. We postponed our Tour to Nery this year, because of unforeseen events, however we will programme one in for 2011 once the FOE begins to firm up.




Alex Cameron


Maj AC Cameron RHA

BC L (Nery) Battery


In September 2009, L (Nèry) Bty RHA deployed to MUSA QAL’AH in Afghanistan in support of the HCR battle Group.  B Bty provided three Lt Guns operating of FOB EDINGBURGH along with a pair of EXACTOR launchers.  The JFIC and BG HQ were based in FOB MUSA QAL’AH and the FSTs were dispersed in a protective ring of PBs providing security to the local population.  Due to the number of PBs and temporary OPs in the AO, most of the FSTs were split into FSEs which maximised patrolling tempo and the  support available to the ground holding companies. The Bty was kinetic straight from the start and the use of OS increased as the tour progressed.  L Bty were the first to fire EXACTOR on Op HERRICk 11 and used it to devastating effect. 


The JFIC successfully co-ordinated multiple fire missions with different assets on a daily basis and ensured that minimal collateral damage was inflicted on local nationals and their compounds.  In little over six months the Bty engaged enemy forces with AH, CAS, armed UAV, 105 mm Lt Gun (including the DRAGON GUN) 81mm Mors, GMLRS and EXACTOR. 


The Musa Qalah AO was the most kinetic during OP HERRICK 11 and through the use of intelligent fires the HCR BG extended the physical boundaries of the AO, the influence of the Afghan Government and the security of the local population.  By March 2010 the BG had successfully shaped the AO to facilitate a RIP with the USMC.  None of this would have been possible without the support from  the Bty families and the Regimental echelon.



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